Lively is a 1976 Willard Marine Custom Schooner.  She was designed by Hale Field and constructed at Willard Boat Works in Costa Mesa.  She has spent most of her life in Newport Harbor, occasionally venturing up or down the coast to cruise or participate in the America's Schooner Cup which she won in 2016.  She is a dream to sail and flies up to four sails at a time, a Marconi rigged main sail, a gaff rigged foresail, a jib on a self tending boom, and a fisherman staysail.  Her auxiliary propulsion is a 30 horsepower Yanmar inboard engine.  Down below she has a dinette table that seats four comfortably, a small galley (kitchen) with an icebox and electric refrigerator, and a head (restroom).

Lively Sailing off of Point Loma
Flying the Fisherman Staysail
Racing in the Schooner Cup
Racing the Rose of Sharon
Fully Dressed with Code Flags
Moored at the Isthmus in Catalina
Starboard Bow
Starboard Side
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2016, Lively Schooner Sailing, Newport Beach, California:  Proudly created with

Racing the Rose of Sharon