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Lively Schooner Offers Sailboat Pirate-Themed Parties in Newport Beach, CA

Lively Schooner offers plenty of swashbuckling fun and adventure with each of our pirate-themed parties. Your children are certain to love our lively boat party services, creating unique and personalized services to help your little ones celebrate their big day. We help children of all ages make the most of their birthday celebrations alongside their friends and family. 


Our lavish, creative pirate parties offer entertainment and immersive experiences for you and your loved ones for any special occasion. Lively Schooner goes above and beyond to make your child’s birthday as enjoyable as possible.


Contact Lively Schooner to schedule your pirate-themed birthday party in Newport Beach, CA, today!

pirate ship sailing

What Does Lively Schooner Include in a Pirate Ship Birthday Party?

Each sailboat pirate party creates larger-than-life experiences for your children that they will never forget. Our eclectic sailing yachts are reminiscent of pirate ships, bringing their dream pirate adventure to life. With a talented crew dressed in pirate attire, you and your guests are in for a magical, eventful celebration. 


For those looking for more than a themed party, Lively Schooner supplies every provision needed for an extravagant, captivating experience on our pirate ship. Set sail with us for an unforgettable birthday extravaganza.


Have questions or are eager to book your pirate-themed party? Reach out to our Lively Schooner crew to learn more!

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