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Bareboat Charter Certification Lessons

Lively Schooner provides the lessons and services required to get your bareboat charter certification with each of our lessons provided in Newport Beach, CA. Taking bareboat charter certification courses gives you the knowledge and skills necessary to charter a boat, giving you the tools to stay safe while on the water. Our business equips residents with all the information they’ll require to get a bareboat charter certified and feel carefree and confident managing their vessel on the open water.

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Bareboat Charter Certification Lessons

Bareboat charter sailing allows boat owners to rent their boats out to customers, giving them the freedom to sail for extended periods of time. This specific type of boat rental requires the renter to take over all aspects of the ship without assistance from a crew.


Bareboat charters rely heavily on the knowledge and expertise of the captain and renter, requiring extensive lessons and certifications to sail independently. For those searching for adventure on the water, this charter sailing service allows you to explore your passion for sailing and take on the open waters.

The Benefits of Getting Your Bareboat Charter Certification

Getting your ASA bareboat charter certification is essential to the success of your independent nautical pursuits. Getting well acquainted with the American Sailing Association standards keeps you up-to-date on the best practices and safety standards for sailing and chartering vessels. 


While there is a wide range of benefits to getting certified, some of the most critical components of bareboat charter certification lessons include the following: 


  • Anchor Usage

  • Basic Navigation Tools

  • Engine Knowledge 

  • Weather Management 

  • Energy Conservation


If you’re ready to take the next step in your nautical education and receive your bareboat charter certification, Lively Schooner has the sailing lessons to help you achieve it! Reach out to our crew to learn more or to schedule your sailing lesson today.

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