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Children on the boat

Youth Sailing Lessons

At Lively Schooner, we love to spread the adventure, knowledge, and excitement of sailing with people of all ages – including kids and teens looking to learn how to sail. We are passionate about providing a safe, fun, and educational environment for all junior sailors. Our youth sailing lessons teach new students the basics of sailing and help returning students fine-tune their skill sets. We welcome youth sailors of all levels to expand their knowledge and challenge their abilities.

Kid’s Sailing Lessons in Newport, CA

Our youth programs involve connecting young sailors to the sport of sailing through first-hand instruction, hands-on events, and informative resources that help students of all types to improve their skills and enjoy the art of sailing for life. 


For children aged 6-13, we provide exciting activities and classes to enhance their confidence on the water, including teamwork building, testing their rigging abilities, developing comprehension of wind patterns, and understanding boat handling and sail trim. We offer fun games to keep our junior sailors involved and excited, including racing and pirate-themed adventures. 


If your child is interested in expanding their sailing knowledge, Lively Schooner provides the best youth sailing lessons in Newport Beach, CA. Reach out to one of our sailing instructors or crew to schedule your child’s sailing lessons today.

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