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US Sailing Certification Lessons With Lively Schooner

First established in 1897, the US Sailing Certification provides sailors with the most crucial information and skills they will require while on the water. The US Sailing Certification is necessary for local and long-distance voyages, supplying exceptional instruction from the crew at Lively Schooner in Newport Beach, CA. We take the time and effort required to help build confident sailors prepared for the unpredictability of the open water.

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ASA vs. US Sailing Certification

As you decide the best certification for your individual needs, it is important to get acquainted with the options available. Whether you get ASA Certified or pursue a US Sailing Certification, we have provided the information necessary to make the most informed decision.

ASA Certification

The American Sailing Association Certification provides in-depth instruction regarding several types of sailing, including: 


  • Keelboat Sailing 

  • Small Boat Sailing 

  • Multihull Sailing


Along with these specified sailing basics, we will help you explore several important topics, such as navigation skills, information about the impact of weather on your sailing, as well as radar usage. Once you've learned these introductory skills, we'll help you set sail on your own ocean excursions.

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US Sailing Certification

With your US Sailing Certification, you'll be exposed to several types of basic training, including: 


  • Keelboat Sailing 

  • Performance Sailing 

  • Online Basic Training 


Students have the choice to partake in our basic keelboat sailing courses or expand their knowledge for our immersive and extensive cruising track, which teaches the basics of bareboat and catamaran cruising, navigation tools, and powerboat usage. 


The US Sailing Certification also extends to international recognition for more advanced knowledge and certifications, helping you take your sailing to the next level with our expert educational resources.


Ready to enhance your sailing knowledge? Lively Schooner is here to help! Reach out to our crew to learn more about our US Sailing Lessons.

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